Congratulations to our Program Director, Amanda Bergner, for being the first Genetic Counselor inducted into the Virginia Apgar Academy of Medical Educators at Columbia University!

April 17, 2023
Amanda Bergner

Amanda Bergner, MS LCGC

Amanda Bergner, MS LCGC is an Associate Professor of Genetic Counseling at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, the founding Program Director for the Columbia University Genetic Counseling Graduate Program, and a genetic counselor in the Department of Neurology. She earned her genetic counseling degree from the University of California, Berkeley and has over 20 years of experience in education, research, and clinical care. She is experienced in curriculum development, design, and assessment and has been involved in the education of health profession students throughout her career. Ms. Bergner is an experienced lecturer, course director, and clinical supervisor and has served on several external advisory committees for graduate health professions programs. She has extensive experience in genetic/genomic research and has mentored numerous health profession students through research projects. Ms. Bergner’s work is also focused on diversifying the genetic counseling profession. She has served as the Chair of the Diversity Task Force for the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling and is a founding Co-Director of the IntraProfessional Antiracism Dialogue and Discourse Series (IPADDS). She is a member of the New York State Genetics Task Force, serving as the inaugural chair of the Education Committee and a current member of this subgroup, and is a founding member of the Columbia Genetic Counselor Consortium. And now the first-ever Genetic counselor inducted into the Virginia Apgar Academy of Medical Educators at Columbia University!