Meet our Newly elected National Academy of Science Members

April 27, 2020

It does not happen often in the life of a department of basic science to have a faculty member elected to the National Academy of Science. When it happens it always a moment of joy and pride. But when it happens not for one but for two members of the department the same year there is even more pride and joy.

Angela has been an active member of the department ever since she joined Columbia, and Lorraine’s presence is being felt more and more since she joined as a secondary appointment. Of course, their success is first and foremost theirs, yet it reflects very favorably on us as a group of scientists; on us also as a diverse group since as we all know they are both women. it is also an emulation to all of us, juniors and seniors, to aim for excellence.

Lastly and even though it goes without saying, it goes even better by writing it: both Angela and Lorraine are highly deserving of this honor. 

Congratulations to both!!!!

Gerard Karsenty, MD, PhD