G&D Department Seminar Series

Our seminar series features a diverse range of distinguished speakers from our community and from leading institutes around the world. Tuesdays at 4pm unless otherwise noted.

2022 FALL Schedule

Seminars are hybrid and in HSC 401, unless otherwise noted.

September 27

Michael Hall, PhD
Head of Research Group, University of Basel
The Center for Molecular Life Sciences

Hosted by Dr. Gerard Karsenty

October 4

Wei Li, PhD
Endowed Chair and Professor of Bioinformatics; Division of Computational Biomedicine, Biological Chemistry
School of Medicine
UC Irvine

Hosted by Dr. Alessandro Gennarino

October 11

Ari Melnick, MD, PhD
Joan and Sanford I. Weill Department of Medicine/Pharmacology; Director, Sackler Center for Biomedical and Physical Sciences
Laurel Gebroe Family Professor of Hematology/Oncology in Honor of Morton Coleman, M.D, Weill Cornell Medicine

Hosted By Dr. Chao Lu

October 18

Marco Sardiello, PhD
Associate Professor, Genetics and Genomic Medicine
Washington University in St. Louis

Hosted by Dr. Alessandro Gennarino

October 25

Michael Kharas, PhD
Cancer Biologist
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Hosted by Dr. Aaron Viny

November 1

Bing Ren, Ph.D
Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Member, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
UC San Diego

Hosted by Dr. Zhiguo Zhang

November 15

Feng Yue, PhD
Director, Institute for Augmented Intelligence in Medicine - Center for Advanced Molecular Analysis
Duane and Susan Burnham Professor of Molecular Medicine
Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics and Pathology
Northwestern University

Hosted by Dr. Zhiguo Zhang