G&D Department Seminar Series

Our seminar series features a diverse range of distinguished speakers from our community and from leading institutes around the world. Tuesdays at 4pm unless otherwise noted.

2022 Schedule

Spring Seminars will be virtual, unless otherwise noted

Igor Bado

January 4 @4:15 pm -Virtual Seminar

Igor Landry Bado, PhD

Instructor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Dan L. Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center, Baylor College of Medicine

Hosted by Gerard Karsenty

Roarke Kamber

January11 @ 4pm -Virtual Seminar

Roarke A. Kamber, PhD

Jane Coffin Childs Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Genetics, Stanford University

Hosted by Gerard Karsenty

Agnieszka Lukaszewicz

January 25 @4pm- Virtual Seminar

Agnieszka Lukaszewicz, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Developmental Biology Program

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Hosted by Gerard Karsenty

February 1
Bin Tian, PhD
The Wistar Institute
Professor and Program Co-Leader, Gene Expression & Regulation Program, The Wistar Institute Cancer Center; Co-director, Center for Systems & Computational Biology
Hosted by Alessandro Gennarino

Elizabeth Pollina

Thursday, January 3 @3:30pm- Virtual Seminar

Elizabeth Ann Pollina, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Neurology

Harvard Medical School

Hosted by Gerard Karsenty

February 8
Kristin Knouse, MD, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Biology
Hosted by Luke Berchowitz

Debora Sobreira

February 22 @4pm - Virtual Seminar

Débora R. Sobreira, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Human Genetics

The University of Chicago

Hosted by Gerard Karsenty

March 15
Rebecca Heald, PhD - ONLINE
Professor, Dept. of Moecular & Cell Biology
UC Berkeley
Hosted by Luke Berchowitz

March 22
Navdeep Chandel, PhD
Northwestern Medicine/Feinberg School of Medicine
Hosted by Christine Chio

March 29
Jane Skok, PhD
Sandra and Edward H. Meyer Professor of Radiation
Oncology/Dept. of Oathology,
NYU Langone Health
Hosted by Aaron Viny

April 5
Andreas Herrlich, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
irector of Translational Medicine, Division of Nephrology
Hosted by Gerard Karsenty

April 12
Hei Sook Sul, PhD
Calloway Chair in Human Nutrition
Dept. of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology
UC Berkley Research
Hosted by Gerard Karsenty

April 26
Brian Strahl, PhD
Oliver Smithies investigator, Professor and Interim Chair
UNC School of Medicine, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Hosted by Chao Lu

May 3
Orna Cohen-Fix, PhD
Senior Investigator
Intramural Research Program/NIH
Hosted by Rodney Rothstein

May 10
Dan Jarosz, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemical and Systems Biology and of Developmental Biology
Stanford University
Hosted by Luke Berchowitz

May 17 - in VEC 201
Jonathan Weissman, PhD
Professor of Biology, MIT; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Hosted by Alberto Ciccia

May 24
Tessa Montague, PhD
HHMI Hanna Gray Fellow, Columbia University
Hosted by Gerard Karsenty