The Schaefer Research Award Reception was held on June 5th to honor the 2023 and introduce the 2024 scholars!

Drs. Chio, Armstrong and Chao

Drs. Iok In Christine Chio, Katrina Armstrong and Chao Lu

The Department of Genetics and Development has been fortunate that several junior faculty members have been awarded a Schaefer Research Scholar Award by the School over the years. 

Congratulations to all and gratitude for their contributions to the Department!


Gerard Karsenty, MD, PhD

Professor and Chair of the Department of Genetics and Development

Dr. Ciccia, Chio and Chao

         Drs. Alberto Ciccia, Iok In Christine Chio & Chao Lu

2018- Alberto Ciccia, PhD

2019- Luke E. Berchowitz, PhD

2023- Chao Lu, PhD

2024- Iok In Christine Chio