Prospective Students

Welcome, prospective students! Are you ready to join the Genetics and Development Program at Columbia University?

Here are nine reasons to apply:

  1. Outstanding training faculty that pursue world-class research at the frontiers of genetics, DNA recombination and repair, mammalian genomics, physiology, stem cell biology, and cancer.
  2. Expertise in molecular genetic analyses of model organisms (yeast, worms, flies, and mice)
  3. A rigorous curriculum that prepares students for cutting-edge research
  4. Strong mentorship led by training faculty with a commitment to supporting graduate research
  5. A small program where all of the faculty know your name…
    Students and faculty at the annual Halloween party.
    Students and faculty at the annual Halloween party.
  6. … yet in the context of a large community of graduate students in the biomedical sciences
  7. Ability to pursue thesis research in any laboratory at Columbia University
  8. A long track-record of success by graduate trainees in their subsequent careers
  9. Distinguished history and tradition that is supported by a training grant in its 43rd year

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