2019 Student Seminar Series

Spring Semester

Location:  Hammer Health Science Building -701 West 168th, Room 305- Fridays 12-1pm

*Pizza is provided by the Department.

January 29 - Alexandra Ketcham-Thesis Seminar

“Exploring thymineless Death in Escherichia Coli Using Systems Biology and Laboratory Evolution”

Tavazoie Lab

February 15 - Benjamin VanSoldt  

“Yap and its subcellular ocalization have distinct compartment-specific roles in the Developing lung”

Cardoso Lab

February 22 - Caitlin Ford                

“Investigating the Function of nkx2.7 in Cardio pharyngeal Development”

Targoff Lab

March 8 - Marina Ermakova            

“MID1 and MID1IP1 in Retroviral Infectivity”

Goff Lab

March 29 - Daniel Krizay

"The Interrogation of Cultured Neuronal Network"

Goldstein Lab

April 5 - Meghan Pantalia

"How Does Glial Regulation of Neurotransmission Impact Drosophila Behavior"

Shirasu-Hiza Lab

April 12 - Corey Garyn

Intracellular Calcium and the Development of Hematopoietic Stem Cells"

Snoeck Lab

April 16 - Laura Crowley

“Examining Prostate Luminal Heterogeneity”

Shen Lab

April 23 - Ying Yang-Thesis Seminar

“Airway Basal Cells in Development, Injury-Repair, and Homeostasis"

Cardoso Lab

May 2 - Margaret Warren-Thesis Seminar

“Notch Signaling Facilitates In Vitro Generation of Cross-presenting Classical Dendritic Cells”

Reizis Lab

May 3 - Sarah Dugger

“Transcriptomic Effects and Neurological Phenotypes in a Mouse Model of HNRN Epileptic Encephalopathy”

Goldstein Lab

May 17 - Davys Lopez

“The Role of the Beaten Path/Sidestep Network During the Development of Leg Motor Neurons in Drosophila Melanogaster”

Mann Lab

May 17 - Maria Stupnikov-Thesis Seminar

“Genetic Regulation of Pulmonary Progenitor Cell Differentiation”

Cardoso Lab

Fall 2019

Location: Hammer Health Science Building -701 West 168th, Room 305-  Fridays 12-1pm

*Pizza is provided by the Department.

October 25th - Daniel Cole

"Enhacer Control in Motor Neurons: Translating Binding into Expression

Wichterle Lab

November 1st - Sarah Joseph

"SMARCAD1 promotes replication fork degradation in BRCA1-and BRCA2-deficient cells"

Ciccia Lab

November 8th - Benjamin vanSoldt

"Identification of molecular determinants of proximal-distal patterning in the developing mouse lung by single cell RNA-seq"

Cardoso Lab

November 15th - Jeffrey Bellah

"Systemic Regulation of Cell Competition by Dilp8 and Lgr3"

Johnston Lab

November 22th - Sophia Hirsch

Understanding central spindle assembly and maturation in the C. elegans embryo

Canman Lab

December 6th - Laura Crowley

“Epithelial differentiation and transdifferentiation in the mouse prostate and prostate cancer"

Shen Lab

December 13th - Stephanie Erjavec

“Functional genomics identifies risk genes in alopecia areata” 

Christiano Lab

December 20th - Tarun Nambiar

"Dissecting the molecular mechanisms of CRISPR-Cas9 induced large genomic rearrangements"

Ciccia Lab