Featured Alumni

  • Dinah Singer, PhD

    • Senior Investigator, Experimental Immunology Branch Head, Molecular Regulation Section Director, Division of Cancer biology National Cancer Institute

    Rifkind Lab, 1969-1975

    Formal portrait of Dr. Dinah Singer
  • Debra J. Wolgemuth, PhD

    • Professor, Department of Genetics and Development

    Columbia University

    Wolgemuth Lab

    Jagiello Lab, 1974-1978

  • Selina Chen-Kiang

    • Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

    Weill Cornell Medical College

    Udenfriend Lab, 1975-1978

    A woman poses with a microscope in a lab
  • Carlos T. Moraes, PhD

    • Lichtenstein Professor of Neurology, Cell Biology, and Anatomy

    University of Miami

    Moraes Lab website

    Schon Lab, 1988-1993

    A formal portrait of a man in a lab coat
  • Xiaolu Yang, PhD

    • Professor of Cancer Biology

    Perelman School of Medicine

    University of Pennsylvania

    Yang Lab website

    Carlson Lab, 1989-1994

    A formal portrait of a man
  • Frank Conlon, PhD

    • Professor of Biology and Genetics

    UNC Chapel Hill

    Conlon Lab website

    Robertson Lab, 1989-1994

    A black and white portrait of a man
  • Julie Baker, PhD

    • Professor of Genetics

    Stanford University

    Baker Lab website

    Efstradiatis Lab, 1990-1994

    A portrait of a woman
  • Maureen Barr, PhD

    • Professor, Department of Genetics

    Rutgers University

    Barr Lab website

    Wigler Lab, 1991-1995

    A woman wearing a shirt that says "science" stands in front of a bookshelf
  • Shankar Srinivas, PhD

    • Professor of Developmental Biology

    Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

    University of Oxford

    Srinivas Group website

    Costantini Lab, 1993-1999

    A close-up of a man's face
  • Ripla Arora, PhD

    • Assistant Professor

    Michigan State University

    Arora Lab website

    Papaioannou Lab, 2006-2012

    A woman sits in front of a computer monitor displaying a scientific diagram
  • Dritan Agalliu, PhD

    • Assistant Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology (in Neurology and Pharmacology)

    Columbia University

    Agalliu Lab website

    Jessell Lab, 2000-2005

    A man sits at a microscope and looks at the camera